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🆕🔗新推出:首家 穿戴甲实体店服务
*请在付款前备注 定制款式*
展示图片(形状/长度): 长梯形 / 长款


  • 穿戴甲 一套
  • 护理工具包:修型条、指甲抛光条、指缘棒、酒精擦拭片
  • 胶水(支) x2,双面果冻贴(片) x2
  • 帆布袋 用于穿戴甲存放
  • 穿戴说明书

现货穿戴甲:1-3天可签收 定制穿戴甲:5-7天完成

我们提供 " 加急订单 " 选项,可将您的订单加急至48小时,而非5-7天。

现货尺寸均为XS/S/M/L,如果没有适合您的尺码 可联系客服定制

English Version:

*Kindly remarks first or second design for customization before checkout.*
Displayed Image (Shape/Length):  Ballerina / Long
Each set of press-on nails comes complete with all the essentials for a flawless application. Inside every kit, you'll find:

  • Set of 10 pieces of press-on nails
  • Care kit: nail file, nail buffer, cuticle stick, alcohol wipes
  • Nail glue x2, nail adhesive tabs x2
  • Canvas bag for nail storage
  • Application instructions

Ready-to-ship press-on nails: 1-3 days to receive Customized press-on nails: 5-7 days to complete

All items with the "Ready Stock" option can be processed for shipping or pickup within 24 hours.
All ready stock sizes are XS/S/M/L. If none of these sizes fit you, customization is required.

We provide a "Rush Order" option that expedites your order to 48 hours instead of 5-7 days. If you have a specific date in mind, please send us a message to let us know!

Feel free to consult our measurements and sizes guide for measuring your nails at home.

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